Financial Services

Accounts receivable forms

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Accounts Receivable activities may require the use of these forms and then forwarding to Financial Services for processing.

  1. Amend customer
  2. Create new customer
  3. Credit application
  4. Credit card payment
  5. Credit note
  6. Receipt book complete
  7. Invoice request

Amend customer

This form is used to update existing customers details within PeopleSoft such as address changes or changes to contact details.

Create new customer

This form is used to add new customer details to PeopleSoft.

Credit application

This form is to be completed by new customers in applying for credit with the University.

Credit card payment

This form is used to record customer credit card details in paying invoices, or other miscellaneous payments.

Credit note

This form is used in the instance of a dispute over invoiced amounts to a customer.

Receipt book completed

This declaration form is used when a receipt book is completed.

Invoice request

This form is used to issue an invoice to a customer of the University.

Invoice request [RTF, 495.5 KB]
Updated 7 Mar 2013

Invoice request [PDF, 196.5 KB]
Updated 7 Mar 2013