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Accounts receivable

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The accounts receivable system is concerned with raising invoices, matching payments to invoices to record the amount owed or payments pending to the University by each individual or entity.

Overarching revenues and receivables
The University is required to include as income only monies received from external sources.
Cash Receipting and Banking of Monies Policy
This policy defines the rules and related processes to ensure compliance with legislation, audit and financial management requirements for cash receipting and banking of monies.
EFTPOS and Credit Cards Policy
The University has specific procedures in place for processing credit card and electronic funds transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) payments.
Cash receipting
The key financial processes carried out at the devolved level across the University to work towards bringing the University to a consistent level of financial reporting.
Cash receipting and banking procedure
An outline of the procedures to follow when providing receipts to customers and banking monies.
PeopleSoft billing and accounts receivable module
The billing and accounts receivable modules are subsidiary ledgers that update the general ledger during the nightly batch process.