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Working in partnership to achieve sustainable procurement, best practice and value across the University.

When goods, services or consultancy are required to support University operations, the Procurement team is available to work with you. Contact Procurement for individual or on-going requirements over $250,000 or where purchases may come with significant risk.

Further information is also available in the University's Procurement Policy, or contact the applicable Category Manager (see table below). 

Please access the main Procurement web page on the UWA Intranet 

Business Services
A range of business services including catering, event management, library, logistics, printing and record management.
Laura Harper
Equipment & Consumables
Personal protective equipment, office supplies, uniforms, and medical, dental, laboratory, and general consumables, equipment and services.
Luke Williamson
Facilities Management

Goods and services related to facilities management, including consultancy, capital works, and maintenance. Initial contact should be with Campus Management for non-Campus Management staff.

Lindsey Youngs

Katrina Iles 

Goods and services related to IT / Telecommunications, including consultancy. Initial contact should be with Uni IT for non-IT staff.
Adam Meath
Professional Services
Accounting, audit, banking, consultancy, insurance, legal, marketing, membership and tax professional services.
Laura Harper
Accommodation, air travel, motor vehicle (including rental), travel management
Adam Meath

Nominated Suppliers

The University has agreements with a number of suppliers that are known as Nominated Suppliers. These suppliers have been through an approved selected process. It is important to use them where possible, to save you time identifying suppliers and seeking quotes. you can find the nominated supplier list at


Spend thresholds

When a Nominated Supplier is not used or not available for the goods or services required, the following spend thresholds apply when selecting a supplier.

One written
$10,000 to $49,999
Two written
$50,000 to $249,999 *
Three written

The overall total value (of goods, services or total contract value, i.e. the term of agreement) must not be split to fit any of the quotation thresholds. The University's Procurement Policy can be accessed at

* Procurement will actively review spend data to propose consolidation opportunities for all spend levels and may, at its discretion, propose a procurement strategy.


Tender/Quotation waivers 

In exceptional circumstances, a request exemption from tender or quotation may be appropriate. Exceptions include where there is only one supplier in the market, maintaining compatibility with existing equipment or services and where an emergency situation prevents quotations/tenders in the time available. Poor planning does not constitute an emergency.

When this occurs a tender or quotation waiver form should be downloaded, completed and submitted to your Financial and Staff Resources (FSR) team for review. If you require more information, contact your FSR team. The waiver forms can be accessed at

 Further procurement information can be found at



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