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Working in partnership to achieve sustainable procurement, best practice and value across the University.

Our webpages aim to provide information about our services, the University???s Procurement Transformation Program and UWA???s Preferred Supplier agreements.

Quotation thresholds
Quotation thresholds are in place to ensure compliance with legislation, audit and financial management requirements for expenditure of University funds.
Delegation of Financial Authority
Depending on the level of expenditure, only certain University officers are permitted to authorise payments of University funds.
If you are travelling on behalf of the University, there are certain procedures you must follow.
Credit cards
To minimise the need for cash advances or reimbursement of work-related employee expenses, UWA allows appropriate employees to use either a credit card or purchasing card.
Purchasing policies and procedures
Anyone handling University monies must do so in accordance with relevant legislation, and all expenditure must be for the purposes of the University.
UWA Procurement Assist
(UWA Pheme staff login required) Expert advice and support on all aspects of sourcing, tendering, purchasing and contract management, and advice and information on procurement best practice.

You will need to login as a student or staff member through Pheme to access many of these pages and their sub-pages.