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Expense Management System (EMS)

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The Expense Management System (EMS) is the acquittal of UWA credit card transactions either by Cardholder or Cardholder Administrator (proxy) using PeopleSoft

Transactions are uploaded into PeopleSoft on a weekly basis enabling the acquittal to be processed in a timely manner.

The Cardholder signs a report for which purchases are to be acquitted and supplies the supporting documentation (receipts/tax invoices) to the Proxy.

The Approval Delegate (as per Financial Delegation Policy) within the Business Unit checks and signs the Report to ensure that the Cardholder's transactions comply with the University's policy and credit card usage.

The Proxy creates an Expense Report for the transactions the Cardholder wishes to acquit with Description, GST, Account Code and Project Grant.  Once entered the Expense Report is submitted in Peoplesoft to the Manager Approver assigned for the Cardholder.

The Manager Approver – when satisfied that the Expense Report has been correctly entered and signed off by Cardholder and Approver Delegate – approves the Expense Report within PeopleSoft which processes the accounting detail to the GL Code.

The Expense Report with original signatures of Cardholder and Approval Declaration is sent to Financial Services. Receipts in relation to the Expense Report can either be sent to Financial Services or held by the Business Unit.