Financial Services

Tax Forms Online Submission

Financial Services Taxation Team can now accept submitted electronic declarations with no handwritten signature.

For the declaration to be accepted, the form must be submitted via a secure, password protected email account such as UWA PHEME controlled Outlook and the declaration must come from the person receiving the benefit.

Please save all forms to your computer before submitting, as the submit button does not work online.

Once the form has been saved to your computer and completed, please press the “Submit” button, located at the bottom of the form.


 The below window will appear, please press “ok” as we want to use the Desktop Email Application, as that is your PHEME controlled Outlook.


 Once to “ok" button has been clicked, a new email body will appear. Simply click "send" and your declaration is submitted.


If this process does not work, simply save the form to your desktop and email it to as an attachment.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please email