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New: Concur Travel Management System – 19 September 2016

Following the successful completion of the Concur pilot in 4 business units, UWA’s new Travel Management System, Concur, will be live for University wide use by staff from Monday 19 September 2016.

How can I book travel through the new system?

  • You, the Traveller, must set up your Concur profile as soon as possible
  • Profiles must be set up even if you have a Travel Arranger to book your travel
  • Concur can be accessed using your UWA Pheme login details.
  • The link will be made available via email on Monday 19 September 2016 and will be available on the web.

Each Faculty/Office has nominated Advanced Users and they are the primary go-to source for assistance in your area. The Advance Users have received in depth training of the Concur system. The Advanced Users’ names for your Faculty/Office will be communicated to you for your reference.

Assistance is also provided via askUWA as per the current process, where travel-related queries are prioritised.

How do I get trained to use the system?

  • All you need to know about how to use Concur is available in the self-help training modules that can be accessed via the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Training sessions (for various user groups) all over Campus are available by registration
  • Staff would have already been informed of training dates and registration links (see below) within their area

To register for training workshops click on the link (available dates) below.







Training Workshops: Hands On

Concur Approver Workshop

(1 hour)

26/9/16 – 14:00

3/10/16 – 14:00

10/10/16 – 14:00

27/9/16 – 14:00 

4/10/16 – 14:00

11/10/16 – 14:00

21/9/16 – 14:00

28/9/16 – 14:00

5/10/16 – 14:00 

12/10/16 – 14:00

29/9/16 – 14:00

6/10/16 – 14:00

13/10/16 – 14:00


30/9/16 – 14:00

7/10/16 – 14:00

14/10/16 – 14:00


Concur Advanced User 


(3 hours)


20/9/16 – 9:30 



23/9/16 – 13:00



Concur Traveller & Arranger Presentation

(1 hour)


20/9/16 – 13:00

4/10/16 – 12:00

11/10/16 – 12:00

21/9/16 – 10:30 

28/9/16 – 12:00

5/10/16 – 12:00

12/10/16 – 12:00

29/9/16 – 9:30 

6/10/16 – 12:00

13/10/16 – 12:00

7/10/16 - 10:00 

14/10/16 – 9:30 

Will there be support after go-live?

  • Yes, through your Advanced Users and askUWA.
  • The Advanced Users’ names for your Faculty will be communicated to you on 19th September for your reference.
  • The Advanced Users’ have received in depth training of the Concur System looking at various travel scenarios. We are mindful that they may not be aware of all travel scenarios.
  • Assistance provided via askUWA is as per the current process, where travel-related queries are prioritised.

Students: HDR Students & Non-HDR Students

Communication on how to process bookings will be issued to students via the Faculty/Office Liaisons for distribution, where relevant for their areas and for students who travel on UWA's behalf, as part of their course or research.

International SOS (ISOS)

From 30th September 2016 our travellers will be tracked in Concur. A transition from ISOS into Concur will need to take place and we will be contacting travellers directly where action is required. You will receive a separate personal communication for this, if relevant.

What about Trobexis?

From 19th September 2016 Trobexis will no longer be used to arrange travel. However, Trobexis will be available for finalising any uncompleted Travel Diaries until November 2016.

UWA Travel Policy

The transition to Concur will not result in any significant changes to the University’s Travel Policy and all university travel to be booked via Concur. However, the Travel Booking and Approval section of the policy and processes will be updated to reflect the introduction of the online booking tool and online domestic auto-approval for staff, to maximise University savings. The updated policy is now live (to access click on this link) – Updated Travel Policy - Sept 2016