Financial Services

University Club Patronage & Charging Policy

The University Club provides a quality venue for members to utilise the facilities for personal and University business-related functions.

Policy statement


There are significant advantages to utilising the Club facilities for business purposes. The Club provides a cost advantage to the University as any food or drink provided to UWA employees, regardless of where consumed at the Club, will not be subject to FBT (providing the circumstances are not in the nature of a 'social function'. Activities deemed to be social functions will be subject to FBT at all times irrespective of the venue.) This reduces the cost of business dining to the University and ensures compliance with University policy to observe the State Supply Commission Act that in turn requires authorities adopt a value for money approach to expenditure.


The University Club supports various options for the payment of services to the University community.

Business Units of the University wishing to book functions utilising meeting rooms, seminar rooms or lecture theatre (excluding café and restaurant) for Business Unit purposes and where the Business Unit is to pay:

  • The University Club can charge the Business Unit for the services utilised. The Business Unit should obtain a quotation from the Club when requesting a booking and raise a standard University purchase order. The purchase order is required to be submitted to the Club no later than at the time of settling the account with the Club. The Club will invoice UWA for the services utilised charging the Business Unit accordingly.
  • University Master Card/Corporate Card may also be utilised if preferred and acquittance as per University policy.

For individual University staff who are members of the Club and who incur expenditure at the Club that is work-related, the following options are available:

  • Staff members can utilise their University Master Card/Corporate Card and acquit the expenditure as per UWA policy.
  • Staff members may also have the expenditure charged to their member account with the Club and arrange a reimbursement from their Business Unit as per UWA policy.
  • Staff may also pay for the expenditure and recoup from the Business Unit as per UWA policy.

If the expenditure is of a personal nature staff should utilise their member charge facility or pay for the expenditure.

Given the increased patronage at the University Club internal charging processes provided at the University Club would be administratively expensive to support.

Please contact Financial Services Client Services on extension 8777 should you require any assistance with the FBT assessment of this policy.