Financial Services

Student Loans Policy

The University of Western Australia has funds available for distribution in the form of loans to students under the various student loan schemes.

Enquiries regarding loans are directed to Student Support Services in the first instance.

Policy statement

To be eligible a student must be currently enrolled in an approved course of study. Part-time students will only be granted loans in exceptional circumstances. Note: Loans are not generally approved for the purchase of motor vehicles.

Student loan schemes operation

Normally a student will be required to arrange a suitable guarantor prior to the loan being made available. If a student is unable to provide a guarantor, the application may still be lodged, but consideration to waive this requirement will be given only in exceptional circumstances. Both the student and the guarantor will be required to complete formal agreements.

Applicants will be required to sign an undertaking that assistance provided will only be used for the prescribed purposes and that the conditions of the loan will be met.

Types of student loans

There are a number of types of loans available to students:

  1. General purpose loans
  2. Emergency loans or short-term international student loans
  3. Emergency and accommodation loans
  4. Overseas study loans

General purpose loans

Loans are available to eligible students who can demonstrate genuine need, particularly in those instances where continued study is in jeopardy. General purpose loans will only be approved for general educational and living expenses. Applications will be considered in relation to current criteria regarding income, assets, academic record, previous courses and parental income (where applicable).


Students will be required to pay minimum monthly repayments of $100 whilst they are enrolled in their current course of study. Once a student completes, abandons or withdraws from their current studies, the residual balance is to be repaid as per the Student Loan Repayment Schedule.

New loans will be interest-free during their current course of study; interest will accrue on the loan at the rate determined annually by the Director, Student Life once the student completes, abandons or withdraws from their current course of studies.

The interest rate for any specific student loan will be determined in accordance with the loan agreement at the rate set annually by the Director, Student Life.

A student can complete an application form available from Student Support Services.

Emergency loans or short-term international student loans

Specific purpose loans are available to assist students to secure suitable accommodation, purchase textbooks or overcome urgent, unforeseen contingencies.

Interest rate
The loan will be at an interest rate set annually by the Director, Student Life; however, interest will be waived if the loan is repaid by the due date. Any amount outstanding after the due date will attract interest at a rate determined by the Vice-Chancellor.
A student can complete an application form available from Student Support Services.

Emergency and accommodation loans

A student should arrange for an interview at the Student Support Service or the International Centre. Regarding an international student who requires an emergency loan they will need to see a Counsellor. Appointments can be made in person or by ringing (+61 8) 6488 3547. Proceeds should be available to successful applicants within ten working days.

Overseas study loans

Provides financial assistance to eligible undergraduate students, not in their first year or last semester of study, wishing to undertake part of their study overseas.

Processing of loan agreements

For approved loans, details are forwarded to Financial Services (Revenue). A file is established for that student and a journal is prepared to set up the loan account on the Debtor's System. The Loans Officer at Financial Services (Revenue) sets up a vendor on PeopleSoft, places it on hold and a cheque is produced.

If a cash cheque is required this should be indicated on the loan agreement. Revenue holds the cheque for collection by the student. If the cheque is a cash cheque, the student is required to show identification before collection.

Financial implications

A payment schedule is prepared for each student, upon application and granting of the loan which details monthly repayments.

Repayment of monies for loans is either through one of the following options:

  • direct debit/internet banking
  • credit card
  • cheques

A statement is sent on a monthly basis to students who are enrolled and non-enrolled. Statement mailing confirms that the student's address details are correct as part of the agreement is a requirement for the student to notify any change of address.