Financial Services

Student Contribution Amount Policy

The University Policy on student contributions identifies the requirement for setting, collecting, administering and refunding domestic student contribution amounts and tuition fees.

Policy statement

Since 2005, every student enrolled in a Commonwealth supported unit of study (except exempt students) must pay their student contribution amount for that unit. The maximum amount payable is dependent on which category (outlined below) the student falls into:

  • students commencing in 2005 (under the Higher Education Support Act 2003 [HESA])
  • students commencing before 2005 but after 1 January 1997 (the Higher Education Contribution Scheme under the Higher Education Funding Act 1988 [HEFA])
  • students who commenced their course of study prior to 1 January 1997 (under HEFA).

This amount ensures that students enrolled in a Commonwealth place contribute in a fair and equitable way towards the cost of their higher education. Holders of a Commonwealth place may pay their student contribution upfront directly to the University (and qualify for a discount) or they may request a HECS-HELP loan under the Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Loan Programme.

Under the loan option, the debt is deferred until their income reaches a specified level when they must begin repaying the loan via the taxation system.

HECS-HELP is administered under the HESA by DEEWR, the Australian Taxation Office and the higher education institutions. HECS-HELP is received by the University from the Higher Education Loan Programme Fund (included in the fortnightly HESA payment schedule which is received as a direct deposit)or directly from student contributions.

The annual level of upfront student contributions determines the balance to be received by the University from the Loan Programme Fund.

Key controls

  • Ensure the University is compliant with the requirements of the Higher Education Support Act 2003 and related guidelines in its approach to setting, collecting and advertising student contribution amounts and tuition fees for domestic students
  • Achieve a client-oriented, flexible, consistent and equitable approach to the collection, refunding and remission of domestic student contribution amounts and tuition fees.