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Invoice Payment Policy

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In acccordance with the instructions contained on the purchase order, all invoices are sent directly to Financial Services, Accounts Payable for payment.

Policy statement

Invoice payment

When goods and/or invoices are received in response to a purchase order, the following details should be verified before electronically receipting the invoice for payment:

  • Confirm the quantity or service received and quality agrees with the purchase order and delivery advice/copy invoice.
  • Confirm the delivery advice/or copy invoice price agrees with quotations received.

Non-invoice account payments

In circumstances where no purchase order or invoice has been submitted for goods or services, payment may be requested by the use of an N form. N forms are used to:

  • Request a cash advance
  • Reimburse expenditure incurred by staff/student on behalf of the University (amounts under $150 are encouraged to collect cash from the Financial Services Accounts Payable)
  • Reimburse petty cash
  • Pay student loans and scholarships.

    These forms are available from Financial Services (Accounts Payable) in blocks of 50 carbonised duplicate forms. Faculties, Schools and Business Units should complete this form and send the original along with the appropriate documentation authorising the payment to Financial Services (Accounts Payable) for processing.

    For Central Administration areas, where the “authority” for payment has been officially recorded as a committee resolution or within TRIM, then reference to the relevant official record can be recorded on the N Form without the need to attach the actual documentation. Business Units should retain the pink copy for their records.

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    Electronic Funds Transfers - EFT

    Direct payments into creditor bank accounts "Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)" is the standard payment method to University creditors. Payments are forwarded to creditors on a weekly basis via an electronic transfer to Westpac, Sydney for overnight transfer to the respective creditor's designated bank account.

    It is imperative that goods are receipted in the PeopleSoft system in a timely manner, in order to release payments to the University's creditors.

    Special Cheques

    In exceptional circumstances, Financial Services can provide an urgent manually processed special cheque. Note, however, that urgent special cheques should be requested only on an emergency basis as manually produced cheques involve duplication of effort and considerable staff resources. Requests need to be supported by a letter explaining the circumstances to justify the special cheque payment.

    In cases of emergency and an urgent special cheque is required, please notify Financial Services (Accounts Payable) before midday of the day the cheque is needed. All urgent special cheque requests should be made on an N Form or invoice authorisation form and will require the signature of the hierarchical authority of the Business Unit.

    Financial Services will advise by telephone when the cheque is ready for collection at Accounts Payable. Time taken to prepare a special cheque is subject to the availability of bank account signatories.

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    Foreign payments

    The University remits payments overseas to cover purchases of equipment, materials and publications acquired from foreign suppliers. Payment is made by means of bank drafts in foreign currencies and also by telegraphic transfers. This mode of payment should be arranged with Financial Services (Accounts Payable) via an N-Form or Foreign Currency Invoice Authorisation form.

    When invoices from overseas suppliers are received by Financial Services (Accounts Payable), they are sent to the initiating Business Unit for authorisation. Business Units attach a 'Foreign Currency Invoice Authorisation' form to the front of the invoice and complete the relevant information. The forms and invoices are then returned to Financial Services (Accounts Payable).

    Foreign currency invoices are processed differently from local invoices in that they are processed through Western Union. Foreign currency payments are made on a weekly basis.

    Creditor Accounts

    Financial Services (Accounts Payable) maintains the authorised list of creditor accounts. Faculties, Schools and Business Units may ask that additional creditor accounts be established if they are required. Please use existing suppliers in PeopleSoft whenever possible. The cost of creating a vendor and making a one time payment is estimated to be in excess of $200.

    New requests are processed through Financial Services (Accounts Payable). To add a creditor to the list of creditor accounts, contact Financial Services (Accounts Payable) by raising an incident via ask UWA and supplying a completed and authorised new vendor form. Please provide all the supporting documents as outlined on the new vendor request form.

    Appropriate Accounts Payable staff with specific system access, will then update the Vendor Master File.

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