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Consultancy infrastructure guidelines

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The consultancy infrastructure guidelines outline how the University’s infrastructure levy is applied for recovery of indirect or infrastructure costs that arise from engaging external consultancy services. The Office of Research Enterprise is responsible for the University’s Infrastructure Policy. These guidelines relate to the application of infrastructure charges on non-research income.

Research Policy - The Office of Research Enterprise is responsible for the application of the infrastructure policy on research income, refer to Indirect Cost Recovery (Infrastructure) on Research Grants and Contracts Policy for more information.

The default rate applied to non-research income is 35 per cent. Exemptions or adjustments to the default rate should be approved by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) and forwarded to Finance.

The infrastructure levy supports the indirect costs of research and is allocated centrally to fund Faculty operating budgets and central service functions.  

Finance's responsibility on a quarterly basis is to:

  • identify consultancy income credited to the local generated fund group
  • calculate and apply the levy (faculties, schools and other business units are advised of the proposed levy before it is applied)
  • allocate the infrastructure recovery to the central budget.

The infrastructure levy is applied against each grant, contract, tender, consultancy and service but is exempt on income arising from:

  • charitable foundations
  • bona fide donations
  • scholarships for educational purposes only.