Financial Services

Government Grants Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the correct recording of all types of income received from the Federal Government – specific account codes are to be used for this purpose.

Policy statement

The Federal Government provides funding to the University under various Acts.

Government grant monies fall into three main categories:

  • recurrent grants which are essentially used for operating expenditure
  • capital grants which are used for approved building or renovation projects
  • research and other special purpose grants, which are funds restricted for a specific activity or project.

The Commonwealth Grant Scheme (CGS) is the major source of funds used for coursework teaching and is paid in accordance with a schedule produced by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Other major Commonwealth grants include funding under the Research and Research Training Scheme, the Institutional Grant Scheme and the Research Infrastructure (Block Grants) Scheme.

These grants are based on various factors such as higher degree research places, higher degree research completions, research income, research publications and the level of Australian Competitive Grants income received.

Research grants funded by the Australia Research Council (ARC) and some other research funding are reported as a government grant because they are funded under the Commonwealth Act. Various other specific purpose grants are received as short-term projects or initiatives.

HESA funding is received by direct deposits into the University's bank account in accordance with the fortnightly payment schedule. Financial Services invests the money in accordance with prescribed guidelines, as set out in our Investment Policy Statement.

Key controls

  • The amount of Australian Government assistance was for the purpose(s) for which it was intended.
  • Comply with applicable legislation, contracts, agreement and program guidelines in making expenditure.
  • Maintain proper financial reporting to ensure income is correctly and efficiently allocated.