Financial Services

Overarching University Financial System Policy

The University of Western Australia has a number of financial reporting obligations as well as an overriding financial management responsibility.

To meet these obligations, the University has delegated financial responsibilities to Faculties, Schools, Centres and administrative units and Financial Services. To manage this responsibility through the financial system all areas with financial accountability are required to work within a Business Unit or Business Units recognised by the University.

Policy statement

  • Financial Services is responsible for providing the University with a suitable electronic financial platform for the processing, recording and extraction of financial data.
  • All staff with accounting responsibilities are required to work within the University's electronic financial management system, through the Business Unit relating to their delegated authority.
  • Staff responsible for University Business Units are responsible for providing accurate data for input into the financial system and ensuring the data recorded accurately and fully reflects the actual financial information of the Business Unit.
  • The option exists to purchase goods and services on behalf of the University through the use of the online purchase order feature of PeopleSoft. However, there are other mechanisms available to make purchases on behalf of the University.