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Delegation of Financial Authority (DoFA)

Further information

  • University finance manual
  • The University must be financially accountable for its income, expenditure, assets and liabilities.

    The delegation of Financial Authority will assist the University by facilitating good financial governance and will allow Financial Delegates to make more informed financial decisions. This will provide ongoing benefits to support the University's objectives in research, teaching and community engagement.

    This page provides the Delegation of Financial Authority Policy, relevant documents and contact details. 

    Policy and Relevant Documents

    The Delegation of Financial Authority Policy is supported by the following documents:




    Signing Authority




    Signatory Form

    DoFA FAQs

    DoFA Presentation

    DoFA Presentation [PDF, 780.5 KB]
    Updated 30 Oct 2018

    DoFA Presentation [RTF, 1.9 MB]
    Updated 30 Oct 2018

    Contact Details

    For all questions in relation to Delegation of Financial Authority or to complete the Signatory Form, please contact your relevant Finance Service Delivery Centre (SDC).


    Finance Manager:
    Natalie Pearson
    6488 7875
    Assistant Manager:
    Marius Porojan6488 5615


    Arts, Business, Law and Education (ABLE)

    Finance Manager:
    Paul Johnson
    6488 4627
    Assistant Manager:
    Jane Bravo6488 3039


    Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS)

    Finance Manager:
    Blanche Foy
    6488 3012
    Assistant Manager:
    Tim Matthews6488 1172


    Health and Medical Sciences (HMS)

    Finance Manager:
    Ailish Breheny
    6457 2819
    Assistant Manager:
    Donna Marino6457 7249



    Finance Manager:
    Alexandra Woodman
    6488 3418
    Assistant Manager:
    Denise Murphy6488 7124



    Please note that this web-page is temporary only and will be replaced with the University's Policy web-page once it has been created.