Financial Services

Consultancy Fees Policy

The University of Western Australia encourages its staff to participate in professional and consultative activities that bring benefits and opportunities to the University.

The University's policy on professional and consultative work recommends the maintenance of work priorities, ethical behaviour, accountability and consideration of legal and financial matters.

Policy statement

  • University policy defines the different categories of consultancy. University and Business Unit consultancies arise in circumstances where University staff are engaged in professional or consultative work that is conducted within recommended time allocations, draws on University resources and facilities and is obtained as a direct result of the reputations of both the University and the staff member engaged. The Head of School or equivalent contracts on behalf of staff members under a School Consultancy.
  • Legal and financial arrangements established for consulting or professional work in a private capacity must ensure that the University is not liable for such activities. Use of University letterheads, stationery, postal address, phone/fax number,email/web address or any other information that associates the University with the private consultancy is not permitted.

Establishment of consultancy funds

  • Under both University and School consultancies, revenue is recorded in the University's general ledger.
  • Professional or consultative work undertaken by staff members in a private capacity usually involves payment for the work bypassing the University as revenues are paid directly to them. The income is to be treated as private revenue on which income tax is ordinarily payable.
  • University or Business Unit consultancies must be receipted, or invoiced and recovered in a timely manner and recorded and reported accurately. Business Units are required to promptly forward cheques or debtor's invoice requests nominating a general ledger distribution into which to pay revenues derived from the University or Business Unit's consulting and professional activities.

Financial and reporting responsibilities

  • As part of a University or Business Unit, the full cost of the use of University infrastructure must be recovered to the Business Unit. Where the Head of School or equivalent has authorised the use of University facilities in staff performing private consultancies, they must ensure that the staff member reimburses the cost of this usage in full.
  • Revenue from University consultancy and professional activities brought to account in the University's ledger is University income. Where the Head of School or equivalent acknowledges that the work was performed by a particular staff member on behalf of the University and decides to pay a portion of this income to that staff member, payment must be treated as salary and wages and paid through the University's payroll system. Normal on-costs apply and the amount paid is assessable income to the staff member.
  • Infrastructure charges are levied in accordance to the Infrastructure Policy.
  • To satisfy the reporting requirements of Senate for research funding planning, and adhere to University accountability and audit requirements, the University requires completion of the following reports:
    • Application to Undertake Professional and Consultative Work: Staff must obtain written approval from the Head of School or Equivalent.
    • Staff Member's Annual Activity Return to the Head of School.
    • Annual School Activity Report to the Vice Chancellor.