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Cash Advance Policy

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Cash advances are available to employees for travel, field trip expenses and other approved business purposes.

Advances are the personal responsibility of the recipient until satisfactory acquittal of the advance is made to Financial Services.

The Head of Business Unit is responsible for ensuring that all cash advances are acquitted prior to an employee's termination of employment with the University. A Band 5a delegated officer may delegate the day-to-day management of cash advances to a Band 5b delegated officer.

Cash advance requests

Outstanding advances
The Head of Business Unit is responsible for ensuring that a new cash advance is not issued until all outstanding advances are cleared. The Cash Advance Agreement is signed by employees at the time of receipt of a cash advance and provides for the deduction of salary for any advances not acquitted.
Amount to be advanced
Faculties, Schools and other areas may use their discretion in arriving at the amount to be advanced (not less than $300). The amount should be an estimation of what could reasonably be expected to be spent on a trip or project.
Requests for cash advances
These can be made by submitting an N Form, and must include the Business Unit, Project/Grant and Account Code to be charged and must be signed by the delegated responsible authority.
Full-time staff and students
Advances to students are allowed but must be approved by Head Of School, Band 5a or above.
Cash Advance Agreement
Employees must complete and sign a cash advance agreement form prior to the collection of the advance.


Full-time staff and students
Advances should only be made to University full-time staff for University business purposes. Advances to students are allowed but must be approved by a Band 5a delegated officer and responsibility accepted for repayment.
Authorising cash advances
The authorising officer must not be the same as the person receiving the payment where a cheque is issued for an advance.
Travel by senior management
Covered at Financial Delegations and Authority.


Cash Advance/Expense Claim form
It is expected that within one month of a journey or project being completed original vouchers, receipts and a Cash Advance/Expense Claim form should be submitted with a travel diary where necessary. Be aware that Payroll Tax will apply to all expenditure for which a receipt is not submitted.
Accounting (Project/Grants) for advances
Advances are charged to a suspense Project/Grant within the Business Unit until satisfactory acquittal is made by the recipient. The charge is then transferred to the Project/Grant initially nominated.
Accounting for cash advances should be completed and submitted with original documentation to Financial Services (Data Management). Any excess monies not spent are to be returned to Financial Services Cashier and a receipt will be issued and credited to the Business Unit's suspense Project/Grant.
Amounts not acquitted
Any amounts not acquitted that remain in the suspense Project/Grant for more than six months are subject to Fringe Benefits Tax and the Business Unit is liable for 103 per cent of the original amount (plus the relevant Payroll Tax). In addition to this, the School Manager/Equivalent should arrange to have the original amount deducted from the employee's payroll or scholarship.
Travel diaries required
Travel diaries are required to be completed by the travelling employee for all overseas travel, and all domestic travel which is longer than five consecutive nights where the travel is not undertaken exclusively on official University business.
Travel diary requirements
The travel diary should include the purpose, duration and dates of travel and a detailed itinerary of activities including dates of any recreation leave to be taken during the period of travel. The diary should be submitted based on intended travel with the travel request.
On return from travelling, any changes from the original itinerary, including sick leave, must be noted and an amended diary submitted to the person who originally approved the travel or another appropriately authorised person.
Review and reconciliation
A regular review of the outstanding cash advances should be performed by the Band 5a delegated officer and appropriate action should be put in place to ensure that advances are acquitted in a timely manner.