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The University has literally thousands of assets, and it is important to be able to track their use and management.

You will need to login as a student or staff member through Pheme to access many of these pages and their sub-pages.

UWA uses PeopleSoft Financials as its financial management software – including Asset Management.

The Asset Management Module:

  • contains asset information such as location, asset IDs, categories, cost and depreciation
  • creates journal entries for such actions as asset acquisitions, depreciation and retirements that interface with the General Ledger module
  • includes processes such as bar coding and inventory reports to assist users with maintaining physical inventory.

Managing assets

Motor vehicles
There are specific arrangements in place and policy advice for the use of University vehicles.
Assets and capital expenditure
This section details the University’s responsibilities relating to the financial management of assets and capital expenditure.
Asset definition
All University assets should be recorded to provide meaningful, consistent and accurate details on the University’s asset base for financial reporting and management purposes.
Accounting for assets
UWA uses an asset management system to ensure the accurate and timely recognition and recording of assets.
Asset control
A purchased item is regarded as an asset if it costs $5000 or more and is not of a consumable nature
Asset management reports
Asset management reports are accessible from PeopleSoft, UWA's financial management software.
Asset management forms
Use these forms when recording a number of activities associated with UWA assets
Attractive items
As the name suggests, these are items with an attractive nature, such as mobile phones, laptops, video cameras and projectors.


A purchased item is regarded as an asset if:    It costs $5000 or more (GST exclusive) and is not of a consumable nature (for example, servers, lab equipment, and machinery).
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