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User Productivity Kit (UPK)

Further Information

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The User Productivity Kit, or UPK, is a web-based training tool within PeopleSoft.

It’s an interactive learning environment that portrays a simulated PeopleSoft environment. You learn by performing the task yourself and the UPK provides instructions as you go.

It’s like working on the real system with the added feature of being guided through the tasks with the choice of being able to see the task being performed or performing the task as instructed. A table of contents is used to display all the available training topics.

When logged into PeopleSoft, click the hyperlink, Help (top right-hand corner), click OnDemand, then Search for the topic required (for example, Voucher Inquiry) or expand the required module header (for example, PeopleSoft-Payables).

Click on the mode required being See It or Try It and follow the directions or Print It.