Financial Services


GST will generally be applicable to fundraising events.

However, as a charitable organisation, the University may choose to treat certain fundraising events as input-taxed. Where this choice is made, the University does not charge GST on fundraising events and will not be able to claim input tax credits on acquisitions made in relation to those events.

This election may be beneficial where the fundraising event is of a type for which there is a fixed market price for the supply of the event and, for example, the ticket price cannot be increased for the GST.

The event must be:

  • conducted for the purpose of fundraising
  • separate from and not form any part of a series or regular of like or similar events (such as having 15 fundraising events in any income year).


Fundraising event
  • A fete, ball, gala show, dinner, performance or similar event;a similar event may include a charity auction.
  • An event comprising the sale of goods (excluding alcohol beverages or tobacco products) where the consideration received for the item does not exceed $20 or such other amount as specified by regulation. Events that involve the selling of small items such as flowers, confectionery and chocolate are covered here, as the selling of such items is not a normal part of the University's business.
  • An event that the Commissioner decides is a fundraising event. The University may make an application in writing to the Commissioner to request that an event it is conducting be treated as input-taxed.