Financial Services

Treasury and Investment: payments exceeding $250,000

Advance notice of payments exceeding $250,000

The Treasury and Investments team at Financial Services manages the University's cashflow with a view to ensuring that sufficient funds are available to make payments as and when they fall due and to invest surplus funds in a way as to maximise the interest income on the University’s investments.

In order to achieve this efficiently and effectively, Treasury and Investments require advance notice of payments exceeding $250,000.

Minimum notice required:

  • five working days for payments > $250,000
  • 10 working days for payments > $500,000
In the event that inadequate notice is given and the University at that time does not hold sufficient liquid funds to cover such a payment, the payment in question may be delayed at the discretion of Treasury and Investments. Further information is available under Treasury Management on the Financial Services website.

Please email Treasury and Investments, with details of any such payment quoting amount, beneficiary and due date for payment.