Financial Services

Did you know?

  1. Budget activities – It is mandatory for ALL Project/Grants to have a Budget Activity. Please, confirm the naming convention with your Faculty Office/Faculty Accountant as it is very important for Budgeting/Reporting purposes.
  2. Credit card dispute transactions – It has been highlighted to us by Westpac that the 90 days is the total time frame to have the disputed transaction lodged with the initiating bank and not when it is lodged with the processing bank. Therefore, please, lodge disputed transactions within 85 days for review.
  3. Credit card refunds – In accordance with the Merchant's Agreement, any requests for refunds receipted through credit cards must be processed back to the originating credit card.
  4. Receipting Options Policy – The Business Unit Finance Officer or designated staff member should deliver in person, all the pink receipts along, with the monies, direct to Financial Services (Cashier) for banking. Do NOT send monies and receipts through the internal mail. Financial Services (Cashier) will provide a Reconciliation and Deposit Form on deposit of the receipts. This should be matched to the copy of the deposit form held at the Business Unit. This reconciliation should then be reviewed (with a signature evidence of this review) to ensure that all monies collected have been banked.
  5. Raising invoices – Business units are not permitted to raise their own invoices for reasons outlined in the Invoice Policy. All Invoices must be raised by Revenue.
  6. Foreign telegraphic payment – To increase the efficiency of payments to foreign vendors, it is preferable to issue payment via Telegraphic Transfer. As many foreign addresses are difficult to decipher creating delays in receipt of cheque, it is more efficient to pay via this method. To pay via Telegraphic Transfer simply fill out the foreign vendor bank details form and submit along with the foreign payment form.
  7. Vendor invoices without contact details – Financial Services often receive invoices from vendors that have no contact information; such as Name, Phone Number, Department or Purchase Order Number. It is vital and good practice that the Business Unit’s Purchase Order Number and at least one other form of contact, such as the UWA Department’s name (who made the purchase) is put on their invoices, so that the invoice can be redirected to the relevant area and be processed in a timely manner.
  8. PeopleSoft Training – Enrol for PeopleSoft Training via OSDS, workshop course material is available via the Financial Services website to help you get started.