Financial Services

Purchasing at UWA - Automatic 3-way-matching (A3WM)

The University is switching on automatic 3-way-matching (fully automated matching of Purchase Orders, Receipts and Invoices for payment) for all PeopleSoft Purchasing, with effect from 1st July 2015*.


This automation will enable a more efficient, electronic purchasing process and builds on the current Procure-to-Pay (P2P), which has been in operation for some time. In essence, the new process will eliminate several manual processes, reduce internal mailing of invoices, improve encumbrance reporting and on-time payments to vendors.

What will this mean for purchasing goods and services?

  1. A UWA Purchase Order (PO) must be raised in PeopleSoft for all goods and services purchased^ (includes funds from all Project Grants) in line with the Quotation Thresholds policy. This ensures expense transactions undergo appropriate financial checks and budget approvals, before committing University funds and in turn these are recorded in PeopleSoft, to allow vendors to be paid on time.
  2. The preferred payment method for low-value (<$5,000) and low-risk purchases is a UWA Purchasing Card.
  3. All PeopleSoft POs are raised by your local Purchasing Officer(s), who have the Financial Delegated Authority to make purchases on behalf of the University and can organise appropriate approvals for purchases greater than $20,000.
  4. You must notify your area’s Purchasing Officer of a purchase, by using a requisition form, email or system available in your area.
  5. Raising PeopleSoft POs retrospectively does not conform to audit compliance or best practice. POs must be generated at the time of ordering.

Valued Resource: Purchasing Officers are available to assist you in the purchasing process by providing support to raise POs, request quotations, complete financial checks, organise approvals and ensure audit compliance.

Key benefits:

  • Accurate Project Grant encumbrance reporting allowing more effective management of budget and University expenditure.
  • All invoices relating to a PeopleSoft purchase order will be sent directly to Accounts Payable to expedite central processing.
  • Invoice Authorisation paper forms (circa. 17,000 per year) will be eliminated to save a significant amount of time for staff and reduce internal mail delays.

In preparation for the switch and go-live on 1st July 2015, Financial Services are currently supporting the University through this change by providing training to all Purchasing and Receipting staff. Several information sessions regarding the change have also been held with Faculty Managers, School Managers, including Rural Areas.

Your support of this initiative is greatly appreciated. Should you require further information, please liaise with your area’s Purchasing Officer(s) or contact Financial Services through askUWA.

* Areas using alternate purchasing systems such as Maximo, ALMA, Cost Master and Pinnacle are not impacted.

^ All credit card payments, foreign payments, purchases through supplier portals, reimbursements and travel will not be affected and continue to be requisitioned and processed in the current manner.