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Mobile Devices Policy

To provide guidance to University employees for the purchase and use of University Mobile Devices, this policy includes mobile phones/ smartphones and tablet computers.

Policy statement

The University of Western Australia will provide a mobile phone to those members of staff for whom it is deemed necessary for the performance of the duties of their position. Ordinarily this will pertain to staff whose duties require them to spend time away from their normal workplace and/or outside the normal hours of work.

Purchase of mobile devices and data plans

The University, through its Business Units, may approve the purchase of mobile phones for employees to conduct University business.

  • Mobile devices and associated data plans shall be purchased or rented only with the authorisation of the responsible manager.
  • All mobile devices and associated accessories purchased remain the property of the University and are to be registered in the relevant Business Unit's Attractive Items Register until no longer in service.
  • Business Units will be responsible for all costs associated with the purchase or rental of mobile phones, as well as the ongoing costs associated with maintenance and the costs of business calls, data plans and business-related applications (apps) .
  • It is the responsibility of Business Unit managers to maintain adequate control of the supply, rental and costs associated with mobile phones. Downloading of non-work-related apps and music for personal use will not be paid for by the University.

Use of mobile devices

  • The mobile phone has been provided for work purposes, that is, to allow staff to undertake normal business processes and contact between the staff member and other staff or clients.
  • Private use of a University mobile phone should be kept to a minimum although the University accepts a reasonable level of expenditure for private use. Where this is exceeded then the University may seek reimbursement.
  • If those individuals wishing to contact the staff member expect that person to be contactable on their mobile device, then the device should be kept turned on, even when in the office.
  • Before terminating their employment with the University, a registered user is required to return the mobile device to the Business Unit manager who will arrange for it to be deregistered. In the case of a mobile phone/smartphone, on request arrangements can be made for the departing employee to retain the phone number.
  • A tablet computer is not a substitute for a desktop computer workstation with appropriate ergonomic controls and therefore is not suitable for tasks involving substantial keying or prolonged viewing. The working environment should also be considered for the suitability to undertake the task, considering the mobility that the tablet computer allows.

Responsibilities of mobile device users

  • The registered user of a University mobile device will be responsible for its proper use, care, maintenance and safe keeping, being mindful that mobile devices can be susceptible to damage, theft or loss.
  • Please ensure that your mobile device is password-protected.
  • Computer and software use regulations and conditions of access to UWA's information technology systems apply to mobile devices. Refer to Information Services policies for more information.
  • If a mobile phone is faulty then the registered user should report this to the manager as soon as possible to organise repair or replacement.
  • The registered user must report the loss or theft of a mobile device as soon as possible to the provider and to their manager. In circumstances where it has been shown that the employee's carelessness contributed to the loss of the device, then the employee may be required to contribute to the replacement cost.
  • It is the responsibility of the registered user to ensure that any outstanding costs associated with personal usage are reimbursed before the mobile phone is either transferred to another user or deregistered.


  • Employees who are required to use their own mobile phone may claim the cost of work-related calls.
  • Users of mobile devices shall ensure that the utilisation of the device is undertaken within the parameters of the University‚Äôs health and safety requirements.