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A graphic explanation of the steps needed to arrange a cash advance.


When providing a University staff member of student with a cash advance, follow the procedures outlined here.

  1. Application for cash advance
  2. Cash advance acquittal
  3. Personalise the system flowchart
  4. Key control addressed

Application for cash advance

Step 1: Application for cash advance

Responsibility: Cash advance applicant – full-time staff or student

Note: Application from student must be approved by a Level 5A

Step 2: Ensure supporting documents are accurate, complete and applicant is informed about University's policies.

Responsibility: Finance Officer

Step 3: Review and approve.

Elements to check:

  • Internal policy of the School / Business Unit
  • History of cash advance applicant in providing supporting documentation
  • Previous cash advances been cleared and acquitted.

Once approved, complete N Form

Responsibility: Finance Officer

Step 4: Complete N Form

Full name and address of money recipient must be written on the form. These forms are available from Financial Services (Data Management) in blocks of 50 carbonised duplicate forms.

Responsibility: Finance Officer

Step 5: Submit form/s and supporting documents to authorised signatory for approval. Business Unit to retain pink copy.

Responsibility: Authorised signatory – (Level 5B or above)

Step 6: Submit approved form/s and supporting documents (original) to Financial Services for processing

Responsibility: Finance Officer

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Cash advance acquittal

Step 1: Obtain Cash Advance Acquittal Pack from Accounts Payable, Financial Services

Complete forms and attach supporting documents, invoice, receipts, dockets.

Cash Advance Acquittal Pack consists of:

  • Cash Advance/Expense Claim Form
  • Business Travel Diary
  • Expenditure Declaration Form

Responsibility: Finance Officer

Step 2: Submit completed forms and supporting documents to Finance Officer for checking and approval. Also, return unused cash.

Responsibility: Finance Officer

Step 3: Take steps to ensure supporting documents are sufficient and forms are completed correctly.

Responsibility: Finance Officer

Step 4: Review and approve forms.

Responsibility: Level 5B / 5A

Step 5: Submit original form/s and supporting documents to Financial Services for processing. Retain copies.

Responsibility: Finance Officer

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Personalise the system flowchart

We strongly recommend that all Business Unit personalise the Within the BU Flowchart to suit your business. It is also recommended that the Faculty Support Accountant, with consultation with the School Manager populates the Personnel columns with staff names.

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Key control addressed

  1. Ensure original documentation, such as receipts, invoices, vouchers and travel diaries are forwarded to Finance Officer in the Business Unit.
  2. Ensure all expenses are University-related.
  3. Ensure all accounting details are accurately recorded, such as tax implications, asset records, account codes and the Project/Grant to be charged.
  4. Proper review and approval of cash advance.
  5. Completeness of supporting documents.
  6. Retention of records for audit purposes.

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