Financial Services

OneStop Secure Payment Gateway

OneStop Secure is the University's payment gateway and cashiering system, and ensures all transactions are PCI DSS compliant.

The following facilities are provided:

  • Shopping carts / Payment integrations
  • Events / Conferences
  • Merchandising

If a complex form is required to handle information, OneStop Secure should be used as the payment point within a larger integration process - contact should be made to the email address below to discuss requirements.

Otherwise, complete the OneStop Transaction Request Template provided below and forward this to the contact email address below.

The provisioning of a request is subject to:

  • The completion of the template (for shopping carts and events).
  • Resource availability.


A minimum of two weeks notice is required, and the notice period begins when the request is received by the appropriate support staff.

If a request is urgent, we recommend making alternative arrangements.


For all OneStop Secure inquiries, contact

All refund requests should be emailed to Declan Stevens.